The McCleskey East Cobb YMCA has always worked incredibly hard to meet the needs of our students and families  at Brumby. This year with their help, along with many of your volunteer hours, we have been able to distribute groceries weekly since April 28, 2020. Today will be our 51st  week approximately totaling 12,600 families served and 450,000 lbs of food distributed.
Recently, a very generous YMCA donor agreed to help support the Y’s Cobb hunger relief efforts with their $30,000 IF the Y can raise the additional $60,000 needed to sustain all food distribution efforts this year.  
Your support ensures that over 1,000 families continue to receive the weekly boxes of nutritious food at one of the 8 distribution sites in Cobb.
For almost a year, Brumby has been fortunate to receive free food from the Atlanta Community Food Bank and free labor from the McCleskey YMCA.  Starting June 1, 2021, the Y will need to pay for the food we are distributing.  On average, the cost will be $.11/pound.  Due to the volume (45,000 pounds a week), we need $4,800 PER WEEK!
How many families can you help to feed?
$110 = Impacts 25 families - 1,000 lbs.
                      $550= Impacts 125 families - 5,000 lbs. 
                      $1,650= Impacts 375 families - 15,000 lbs.
Our Brumby families and local communities are counting on us.  

 Now, we are counting on you.