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About Us

Brumby Elementary is named after the successful Marietta business man, Mr. Otis Brumby. Brumby Elementary is located in Marietta, Georgia and serves a population of 1020 regular and special needs children, pre-K through fifth grade. Brumby has over 100 full and part-time certified faculty members, which includes teachers, administrators, media specialists and counselors.

Our students wear uniforms everyday. Our K-4 students wear navy blue polo shirts and khaki bottoms. Our fifth grade students wear ambassador uniforms which are red polo shirts and khaki bottoms. We provide these uniforms through the foundation at a very low cost to our parents.

Through our foundation and its partners we have instituted a new After School program focusing on increasing academics, developing talents, and introducing students to new experiences. We also encourage students to join academic clubs such as mathematics, chess, chorus, steel drums, cooking, and science.


815 Terrell Mill Rd

Marietta, GA 30067


Mon - Fri: 7AM-3PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

Foundation Goals: 

  • Support STEAM education

  • Support Arts Integration initiative

  • Support Student and Staff Appreciation 

  • Support School Climate

  • Support the Food Pantry 

  • Meet the needs of the Brumby Elementary stakeholders

Click here to view partnership plan. 

Click here to email Kelly Manthe about partnerships. 

Platinum Partners

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